Business Process Services

A large technology company with over 400 million customers globally has customers throughout the UK that require Network/Router equipment installing at their facilities in order to provide suitable network and internet access points throughout their organisation.  Their customers range from small to large corporate limited companies to public sector companies, many of which are, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, operating on frontline services such including Hospitals, police forces, and large food retailers.  Without the fast delivery and installation of this network infrastructure, the majority of the organisations’ customers would struggle to efficiently operate in today’s digital world especially with the increased demand on these services.

What we deliver.

The SG Desk is there to provide the end to end solution required by our customers’ stakeholders from the initial order to installation and all key milestones throughout the process.  Our key objective is to provide a just in time supply chain model that meets the needs of the technology organisation and its customers. Our team review the initial order that the technical analysts have taken from the end customer and placed on the Demand Order Management System which is accessible to both parties.  As SG Desk review the order, they will ensure all necessary requirements are accurate from the type of equipment requested to the delivery/installation dates.  SG Desk check that physical stock is available, before then returning the order with associated costs to a queue ready for the clients’ analyst to confirm and request to proceed to delivery, in-line with required customer project key milestones. Once our customer confirms to proceed, SG Desk will engage with their 3rd party logistics partner and have the required equipment packaged, configured (where necessary) and ready for collections from warehouse, delivered directly to the customer site or to a locker for collection by the installation engineer.  This then finalises with the engineer installing the equipment at the customer site before the order is confirmed complete and closed down on the ordering system. In the background to the above, all stock levels are maintained, management information and service reviews are undertaken along with purchase orders and invoicing for all orders delivered.

The outcome.

Our internal team have ensured that a key valued-added aspect of this service to our customer is analysing procurement ordering trends to track and anticipate future demand requirements allowing for a proactive approach to customer requirements. Our clients’ customers receive their required network/router infrastructure equipment in a timely manner from Order to Installation whilst the customer benefits from an improved supply chain model, a more cost-effective business process, advanced stock holding at agreed maximum and minimum levels, pre-staging and delivery service.  Our commitment is to work until the service is delivered, have availability outside of working hours where necessary and meet the needs of our customers and their stakeholders in all aspects of our delivery.

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