Business Process Services

Business Process Services

 A substantial global communications company procures vendor-specific hardware and software via a multinational technology company. 

There are logistical, geo-specific and access challenges to allow the technology organisation to fulfil their orders to their end customer. Workflows tend to be reactive and optimisation of analytics to operate proactively is difficult due to workloads.  

Utilising a partner model would deliver the full quote to cash process will provide an enhanced level of service and allow the technology company to focus on their other core business verticals. 

The service needed to be streamlined end to end to overcome issues including: 

  • Items going missing once in warehouses 
  • Crossing countries borders 
  • Calculation of Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) 
  • Certifications for entering with encrypt components 
  •  Gaining Access to sites 

A full overview of the existing issues is completed and a service providing full international delivery inclusive of DDP was decided upon as the optimum solution.

What We Deliver. 

SG is a business built on strong relationships. This ethos has driven our business process services model with the goal of bringing partners together to create the best solutions for customers.   

The complete process is executed by a dedicated in-house team which provides one point of contact through the entire engagement. This structure allows the order cycle to be highly efficient, data-driven and with complete visibility on the process for all stakeholders. 

Our key objectives centre on ease of use, the right solution and excellence in service. 

All orders arrive at their destinations within the SLA times set out with our customers by following our key milestones: 

  • Streamlined partner management and portfolio of provider to deliver optimal solutions   
  • Procurement is revenue optimised 
  • All relevant documentation is in place 
  • All Proof of Delivery (POD’s) are collected to ensure safe arrival of items 
  • Ensure end client is up to date with delivery information/dates ensuring access for items entering site locations 
  • Provide smart data analytics and feedback to increase productivity    

 The service is continuously reviewed, including supply chain partners to maintain service levels and customer satisfaction.

The Outcome. 

Analysing data to ensure smart management of procurement, whilst ensuring logistics and numerous SLA’s are met requires a significant investment of time, expenditure and resource.  

By outsourcing this function to SG our customer can streamline their operations and focus on other business areas they wish to grow with the trust in us to operate this business function effectively for them. Cap ex is controlled and the right solution is put in place to ensure hardware and software delivered is the best in class within budgetary constraints.  

A recent order request was to fulfil the procurement, shipment and delivery of 5,000 headsets to allow remote working. This kit was in short supply, but we leveraged our extensive network of vendors in the distribution channel to obtain the equipment. The packages were delivered to the customer and shipped off to around the world to their employees. From the first contact to delivery was just five working days. 

The customer continues to benefit from only one point of contact, improved service and successful fulfilment of orders. This, in turn, has enhanced their relationships with their end customer. 



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