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Healthcare Providers Transformation Using Agile Operating Model

A public sector healthcare provider had a productivity and volume challenge. Delivering high volume demand services and value for money are key drivers, as a taxpayer-funded entity.

A large percentage of their permanent employees didn’t consistently have full time workloads to manage. Taking this into consideration they would benefit from re-structuring operationally for increased flexibility and cost management.

This new structure would involve utilising a managed, pre-qualified, highly skilled, pool of pre approved resources available to work on deliverable based projects; to achieve this outcome.

Our customer needed the assurance of a delivery partner that could fulfil their needs, understand their objectives and  who wasn’t afraid to bring fresh and wide ranging ideas into the organisation from real world experiences and projects.

This approach would ensure that the digital services being built would truly offer value to their users, be user focused and represent a continual success of measurable outcomes within the providers digital transformation.

What we deliver.

SG deliver high level, pre-vetted, tested, qualified solution driven resources with complete alignment to the project requirement. Ensuring the solution we provide to our customer enables them to fulfil outstanding transformational change to the healthcare service which in turn ensures the end user has the best customer facing solutions.

We recognise as part of their overarching team that providing the very best solutions for any requirement can have an impact on the service which is then delivered out in to the public domain. When the service is one that we all will use and represents public money it is absolutely our duty to work as a true partner to our customer as an enabler to their service deliverables.

Our key objectives are:
  • Fill skill gaps within the organisation on a flexible basis
  • Align our understanding of the organisation through our Associate model to really understand & provide the right resource for culture fit
  • Pre-vet any resource prior to engaging them on any deliverable work
  • Control the SoW delivery
  • Streamline and reduce overall CAPEX cost
  • Manage OPEX cost against deliverables
The outcome.

A legacy delivery model which was no longer maximising value and productivity now operates an agile, lean and outcome based structure. This has increased the quality and laser focus on deliverables, and allowed the service provider to operate at a greater speed.

Playing a pivotal role in re-engineering the way of working in this healthcare provider, we have played a huge part in re-designing their historical view of operational efficiency. The organisation manages both external and internal resources through a skills matrix, which will provide the necessary analytics required for future planning of projects through skills gap analysis.

This ensures all projects are evaluated and resourced both internally and externally prior to commencement of works.

This overarching provision of support for projects, programmes of work and future working practices will enable our customer to continue to transform, manage their workforce efficiently, reduce cost and work in an agile manner implementing leading solutions and methodologies throughout for the benefit of all.

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