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Presales Support

A significant communication-focused technology company sells its digital solutions and services through a sales team to their end customer. They need to outline the right answer, which meets their customer’s digital transformation needs, in a timely and concise manner, in a competitive landscape. The statement of works and project scope includes the hardware and software needed, professional services and other costs. Dedicated account managers hold the responsibility of being the first point of contact for prospective projects with support from solution architects, and Presales staff to clarify and offer what will suit their needs.

What we deliver.

SG has a dedicated in-house team resource which provides one point of contact to the customer’s sales team for the complete process from quote and scope of the bill of materials to cash. This structure allows for a visible service provision within our customer’s organisation which promotes collaboration and healthy relationships. This sales support team possess good all-round product knowledge and have a technical resource available to help build out the bill of materials that fit the end customers requirements. They provide valuable Presales support by attending customer meetings and calls and get involved from the initial enquiry to delivery of the order and billing of the project.  The service is continuously reviewed and operates with numerous SLA’s in place and regular feedback to ensure the best service and outcome to the customer, and that the resources provided add value to the internal customer team.

The outcome.

The customer utilises the benefit of having knowledgeable support and assistance right from the initial stages at the presales level. Our in house team operate out of their premises as an extension to their team. We are fully aligned with their business needs and understand what business focuses are in place for the broader organisation. The cost of these employees is covered by SG, meaning that this team can be scaled up or down depending on demand, giving the customer, real flexibility. Financial considerations based on recruiting, sourcing and remuneration for these employees are not associated with the organisation’s balance sheet.  Our team have built valuable relationships across all stakeholders within the organisation and are a trusted resource to the sales team.  They work consistently and tenaciously to ensure that all opportunities are maximised.

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