Professional Services

Unified Comms as a Service

Technology and the advances in communication alongside expectations from customers have meant that many businesses have had to transform and improve their communication strategy and connectivity infrastructure at an exponential rate. A unified communications approach is essential.

Ease of use and superior connectivity for organisations is essential as comms become unified across voice, video, instant message and email to enhance productivity and customer experience.

Global technology providers have felt the impact of increased competition from other technology vendors in this space. More services are becoming available each year and the need to ensure offerings are market-leading is essential to maintain market share. This puts a strain on building and bringing services to enterprises fast.

What We Deliver.

Utilising our established professional services model, we have provided a managed project team of business analysts and skilled testers into this global telecommunications enterprise. This team are responsible for full testing functions including quality assurance, security and production. Working to a comprehensive statement of works, and key deliverables on test syncing to allow for faster delivery of products. Our team of resources on-site have been hand-picked and comprehensively vetted by a robust internal process before being onboarding for the end customer. The team is scalable depending on business requirements and new skills can be added with ease.

The Outcome.

The Professional Services model outlined provides the customer with a complete service wrap orchestrated and executed through SG providing unified comms as a service.

Benefits include:

  • A complete managed resource team
  • Immediate specialist skills on-site
  • Cost managed through a managed service pricing model
  • Flexible team to scale up or down
  • Outcome-based SOW delivered programme of work
  • Governance and quality assured.

The organisation can focus on spending more time with their customers and developing market-leading products whilst the testing team provide invaluable capacity and delivery capability to their wider organisation.

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