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SD-WAN Design & Deploy

Connectivity to drive performance

SD-WAN Design & Deploy is a tailor-made connectivity solution designed by our expert team which offers a relevant bespoke technology solution for customers looking to modernise their existing infrastructure using universal based customer equipment for SD-WAN from multiple vendors.

We undertake a careful analysis of your business connectivity pain points to find the best hybrid combination of technology to enhance and modernise your infrastructure – streamlining your network to add value across your technological solution stack and increasing productivity whilst contributing to efficiency and growth.

The CTO View

“Traditional Hub and Spoke WAN was the ideal topology for the Client Server era,  however the rapid growth of SaaS as well as adoption of Cloud has shifted the fundamental use case for a WAN.

Over the past 20 years IT has innovated at the speed of software, however Networking has really only innovated at the speed of hardware. Sure, switches and firewall appliances have become smarter and offer greater capacity however the industry has ultimately just been building better mousetraps. We know there’s a better way.”

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