Managed Services

Tactical Teams

Immediate impact through burst capacity resource

Many of our customers have aggressive existing roadmaps to implement in order to grow at pace but the impact of market conditions have jeopardised longer term strategic goals through changing business needs and lack of resource.

SG Tactical Teams is a design-led service that enables growth and output through collaboration and consultation. Utilising SG’s existing virtual bench of expert pre-vetted technical capability through Networking, Connectivity, Cloud, Infrastructure who can be quickly aligned into your existing team for new projects or those that are failing.

Resources needed are based on your specific requirements, and deployed into your organisation to complement your employees, whilst providing burst capacity towards agreed milestones and key deliverables.

Engaging with us is easy and drives value at pace. This minimises downtime, delivers key increments of work, improved ways of working and a lasting output of successful outcomes.

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