Building on your foundations to elevate your future.

Our SG-Labs service offers an innovative, collaborative environment for our customers to demonstrate proof of value. It is, quite simply, an enabler, to plan and do exciting things- without the traditional time constraints that identifying, testing and delivering change can bring.

The robust lab process allows complete control, governance and security in a sand box environment, defined by our 4 part deep dive process:

  • Identify
  • Demonstrate
  • Test
  • Instrument

Get in touch with our team now to discuss your requirements and how SG-LABS can help.

Innovation interlinked with assurance,  we are proud to present SG-LABS our Lab as a Service concept powered by Dell Technologies.

Offering the perfect low risk environment to visualise and test your technology architecture.  Utilising and underpinned by your existing estate and investment, SG-LABS lets you understand how your technical ecosystem will co-exist with your future digital roadmap.

Our partners and customers can expect expert guidance and support on their transformation projects as we efficiently evaluate and provide proof of concept for a tailored solution. Our objective is always to provide a deliverable that truly compliments your desired business outcomes.