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Outstanding Leadership Defined & The Northern Powerhouse

Now more than ever before, humanity, empathy, agility, strength, collaboration and creativity are the essential requisites of effective and successful leadership.

These qualities have shone as a beacon of light through all relationships as we navigate the ongoing effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Against this backdrop, we are delighted to launch our next white paper series Outstanding Leadership Defined, & The Northern Powerhouse.

We invite you to participate in these comprehensive deep dives into being an effective leader. Covering the subjects that matter now, the skills required for success and what the future may look like.

From business continuity, cyber recovery and connectivity, to resilience, innovation, culture and agility. Share your own experiences and insight as the world works towards a new normal.

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Some of our previous commentators

Assuming that digital success is tied to the deployment of technology alone is the wrong approach. Modernising your IT estate with AI, IoT and data analytics is very important to retain your competitive edge, but ultimately, your people drive the business forward.Flexibility and agility are the orders of the day and that applies as much to people and process as it does to technology.

Rob Lamb, Dell Technologies

There are lots of technical and career learning opportunities available in tech but less on how to improve women’s confidence and engagement skills. I wanted to help more women be visible role models to tell the story of their, and DWP Digital’s work.

Joanne Rewcastle, DWP Digital

There has never been a greater need to be adaptable and flexible, everything will and must change. Tomorrow new providers and solutions will come to market and solve challenges around cost, speed, scale, simplicity and so on. Agility, adaptability and razor-sharp customer focus is the key to success.

Chris Pope, ServiceNow

The importance of good quality data has never been more essential than in the age of automation. The shift in focus to Machine Learning and AI has necessitated a wider adoption of predictive modelling and algorithms, which intrinsically succeed or fail, based on the date they are fed.

Anna Sutton, Data Shed