Culture 30th July 2020

Yorkshire Day – Rae Evans talks all things Yorkshire!

For Yorkshire Day this year, our Senior Sales and Marketing Executive Rae takes a look at the county we have our HQ in.

Being Yorkshire

People from Yorkshire are often recognisable for their broad accents (I can relate to this!) and friendly nature however their main stereotyped is being fiercely proud of their identity, and we are just that.

Best known for its historic landmarks, strong tea, Emmerdale, Wensleydale cheese, and flat caps, Yorkshire is the place I call home.

Our Leeds United fan and Yorkshire born CEO David Bentley launched the Solutionize Global brand back in 2009 right here in the county. Through authentic leadership, agility, resilience, and forward-thinking we’ve built a national company with a further base in Mayfair. Although our network, employees, customers, and stakeholders are based all around the globe, Yorkshire is a place that director’s David and Alex and the rest of our team hold close to our hearts.

Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Day is an annual event which first began in 1975 organised by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. They created the day in memory of the Battle of Minden and the famous white Yorkshire Rose.

Promoting and celebrating the county of Yorkshire falls annually on August 1st. Although typically celebrated in Yorkshire, many people outside of the county and even globally now recognised, the event and to get involved with the Yorkshire customs. Festivities usually involve eating a large amount of renowned Yorkshire Puddings, but they can also be as simple as reminding each other and being thankful for all the great things about Yorkshire.

Technology in Yorkshire

Being the largest county in the UK, Yorkshire doesn’t just look to its past history. There is much movement forward too as the county is constantly evolving with its universities, cities, and businesses at the cutting edge.

Research launched by Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (the LEP) reveals that Yorkshire has seen a higher rate of growth in the digital sector over the past three years than anywhere else in the country.

Yorkshire has seen a huge increase in tech jobs over the past 3 years from 58,000 to 86,000, outpacing the rest of the UK, including London. 8,695 tech businesses and a digital tech turnover of £3.67bn, Yorkshire is thriving within the tech industry and with an increase of 313% of tech employees between 2014- 2019 it just goes to show that the county is full of tech-savvy professionals of the future.

The future of Yorkshire

The future of Yorkshire is technology and we will see more innovative projects in the future such as the HS2 infrastructure project, linking Yorkshire to the capital of the UK. There will also be more key developments of smart buildings as Leeds and Sheffield will begin transforming into smarter cities. The Northern Powerhouse initiatives continue to move forward and the tech companies in our county will only continue to grow.

At Solutionize Global, we will continue to support the county where our business was born with a range of initiatives aimed at upskilling, growing, and championing people in both now and in the future.




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